We invite applications for the Mentorship programme for full and short papers relevant to the ISIC2020 About statement and themes. Please adhere to the dates in the Call for Papers.

Closing date for application: 15 May 2019

Purpose of the programme
To encourage participation from the hosting region in ISIC2020, the Mentorship programme intends to offer support to authors from Africa with submissions of full and short papers to give them a better chance of possible acceptance. The programme will draw on expertise from the ISIC Steering Committee and local expertise with ISIC conferences.

  • Conditions for application and participation in Mentorship programme
  • • At most 12 applications will be accepted on a competitive basis.
  • • Author(s) must be resident in South Africa or another African country. Please ensure you use your institutional email address.
  • • Only 3-4 iterations of feedback will be provided; feedback should not exceed more than 8-10 notational hours from the mentor.
  • • Mentoring will not include editing and proofreading of manuscripts; these remain the responsibility of the author(s). Mentors will only highlight the need for professional editing when applicable.
  • • Only one application per author will be considered.
  • • There is no guarantee that papers from the Mentorship programme will be accepted; all papers will go through the full double blind peer review process.
  • • Accepted papers must acknowledge the input of the mentor; this also applies in publications that follow after the conference that directly developed from the Mentorship programme. A mentor will not be a co-author.
  • Steps: application and mentoring
  • • Complete application form and submit to Ian Ruthven (ISIC Steering Committee Vice Chair): http://ian.ruthven@strath.ac.uk
  • • Applications close 15 May 2019.
    • o Applicants must specify the stage of the research project / paper; it will be useful for mentors to get involved at an early stage.
  • • Allocation of mentors; 15 June 2019.
  • • First contact with mentor (Between 15 June – 15 July 2019).
  • • Second contact with mentor (September, October 2019).
  • • Third contact with mentor (Before 10 January 2020; Final date of submission – 31 January; no extension).
  • • Mentors can decide to give a final round of feedback – but not editing and proofreading.
  • ISIC2020 Committee:
  • • Chair for Mentorship Programme: Dennis Ocholla (University of Zululand; ochollad@unizulu.ac.za)
  • • Vice-Chair for Mentorship Programme: Hester Meyer (Research Associate, University of South Africa; meyerhwj@gmail.com)